Somewhere after New Year’s Day of 2015, I was thinking about resolutions and life changes and I asked myself a simple question:

If I could be doing anything, regardless of talent or experience or knowledge, what would I be doing?

The answer that kept popping into my head, no matter how much I thought about it, was I wanted to write books. Over the next few weeks, I kept thinking and thinking until I talked myself into giving it a real try. I say “real try” because I had actually attempted writing a book three separate times before, many years earlier. Each try fizzled out pretty quickly, never making it past about 40 or 50 pages. But, in 2015, I was older and slightly wiser than when I had made those half-hearted attempts, and I saw why they had failed. I was unorganized, uninspired, and didn’t really believe I could pull it off in the first place.
In 2015, I had been working in IT for 15 years. I knew next to nothing when I started but had managed to learn along the way and make a nice career out of it. I realized the same could be said for writing, or anything, really. Sure, I had no formal knowledge or experience or training when it came to writing, but I knew that didn’t necessarily matter anymore. Nobody is an expert the day they start something new, so why not just dive in and see what happens? I mean, I had read a bunch of books so why couldn’t I write a bunch of them. It all seemed so easy.
I believed, but I still knew it would be a lot of work.
Keeping my past failings in mind, I set out to learn how to write a book. I tried various tools and experimented with how to stay organized. I applied things I had learned in other areas of life. I made progress, slowly but surely.
As for the story, I had decided to go with an idea I had from a trip to the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium. It was just a vague idea, but I ran with it, trying things and throwing things away and trying other things until one day, I typed the last page and realized I had actually written a book. I wasn’t sure if it was any good, but it at least existed.
The plan I had come up with in those early days of 2015 was to write 5 books over a 5 year period, then take the best one or two and figure out where to go from there. As luck would have it, I ran across a small company in Fort Smith that offered an array of writing services. I decided to see if they would edit my book, just so I could learn what I was doing wrong and fix it in my subsequent books. When all was said and done, we decided to release the book into the wild and see what would happen.
The Hill ended up being read by more people than I ever thought it would be and the experience has been amazing.
I recently finished a second book, which I believe is an improvement over the first. Hopefully, my third book will be an improvement over the second and so forth until I am rolling in giant piles of cash, but I probably shouldn’t get ahead of myself.
Anyway, I say all of this to let you know that you can do things, you just have to try. And being organized really, really, helps.