When I wrote my first book, The Hill, I completely lost myself in the sanatorium and 1948. I enjoyed living in that world so much that, as the end of the book approached, I made sure to wrap it up in a way that would let me continue on with the story if I ever chose to do so.

Now, I never truly thought anyone would read The Hill other than a few unfortunate friends and family members whom I forced it upon. But, as luck would have it, the book made its way out into the world and has been read by many more people than the two or three I originally envisioned, and, often to my dismay, folks seem to enjoy it.

Along the way, it’s been great meeting people and talking to them about the book and the sanatorium. I get a lot of repeat questions about it, but the most frequent is are you going to write a sequel?

The answer is yes. In fact, soon after The Hill was finished, I immediately began making plans and working on the sequel, however, along the way, another unexpected story barged in and took over. I ended up losing myself in its characters and had to write Bridging the Gap to get it out of my system. It’s a fairly short book and, as I said, unexpected, but it’s one that I am very proud of.

With Bridging the Gap now out of the way, I am focusing once again on a sequel to the Hill. It still has a ways to go and I have already made some major changes and thrown out a good bit of what I had written. I also have some research to do before things really kick into gear, but it will happen, I promise.