Bridging the Gap, the latest book from Kevin Johnson, is now available.


The Story

Eric isn’t exactly living his best life. He works in the IT department of a hospital, where he steals glances at his crush, Amy, and begrudgingly interacts with everyone else while counting the minutes until his next break. Eric’s stuck in a rut and living in his own little bubble, oblivious to nearly everything happening around him. A fact that frustrates no one more than his best friend, Sara. Eric’s routine is interrupted by a mysterious, silent little boy who imposes on his afternoon break. The boy’s appearance sets off a domino effect of events that force Eric out of his oblivious bubble and make him realize that nothing is as he believed: not his job, not his boss, and certainly not his relationship with Sara. When Sara draws away from him, he worries his realization has come too late and struggles to find a way to make things right. But as he pieces together his plan for redemption, he learns Sara’s in the path of a devastating tragedy that could take her away from him forever.