On New Year’s Day in 2015, I was thinking about resolutions. I had never made one, and I still haven’t, but just thinking about them led me to another question. If I could be doing anything, what would I do? I won’t bore you with the details because I’ve been through this story before.
What I haven’t talked about much is the plan I came up with to get from where I was back then to writing books. Having no clue what I was doing, I put together something that seemed halfway reasonable, and decided it would have an ending date of 2020 because it sounded futuristic and cool, and I christened it my Five Year Plan. It was, in reality, Phase 1 of a larger plan.
First, I started an investment account with a little (very little) money in it and a goal of adding a certain amount each month for five years.
Second, I set out to write five books in five years.
And that was pretty much it. There were a lot of details I had to work out, but overall it was simple. The final goal was, when 2020 arrived, I would have five books and enough money to take a year off work, if needed. Then I would take the best book of the five and figure out what to do next. That would be Phase 2.
Now it’s 2020 and I have written two books and I’m halfway through another, so that part didn’t work out like I had hoped. My final investment goal came up a bit short as well, but still turned out pretty darned good.
The only thing that is ahead of schedule is the what-to-do-next part, because my two books are published through a small company, Tipsy Mockingbird Books. I stumbled across Tipsy Mockingbird by accident after writing my first book. I knew I needed an editor to tell me what I was doing wrong and what, if anything, I was doing right. That’s where Ryanne and Jessica came in. When it was all said and done, they felt I should publish the book. I was nervous because it was my first try at this writing thing, but I also felt like it was pretty good.
So off we went. It’s gone well. Better than I thought it would.
I would say I’m still in Phase 2 of the larger plan, I just have a head start on it. This is also the part where I keep pushing forward and getting better.
Phase 3 involves me rolling around in piles of cash. I don’t have all the details of Phase 3 lined out yet, but I’ll work it out as I go.